Login Guidelines

Login Guidelines:
In order to use, one has to register with Intuceo Augmented BI by means of a user id and password. User id is the email id with which the user is registered with. User id once created cannot be changed. Access will be provided after a successful login to Intuceo Augmented BI with the combination of registered user id and password. It is recommended not to share the user credentials.

Intuceo Augmented BI password policy:
◇ Password should be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 numeral and 1 special character
◇ Five attempts are available to the user to login, in case user enters incorrect password. After five unsuccessful attempts, the account will be locked. User needs to contact or your administrator to unlock the account.
◇ All passwords need to be changed after 90 days from the last change of the password. Intuceo displays message to change password from 30 days before the due date.
◇ When password is being changed, Intuceo will not accept the new password if the new password is same as last 2 passwords used.

Change password:
User can change the current password while the user is logged into Intuceo Augmented BI. Click on Change password in top right corner (human icon) drop down menu and provide old and new passwords to Intuceo Augmented BI.

Forgot password:
When this link is clicked on the login screen, an email is sent to reset the password to the user’s registered email id. User need to click on the link in the email and provide new password.